Mole Repeller

Mole Repeller

Tiny, velvety, almost completely blind, moles are among the most secretive garden creatures. You might live with one for years and never see it. But you'll notice what it's been up to. Moles live underground, tunneling in search of earthworms to eat. Their habit of throwing up excess soil onto the surface of a lawn as molehills is maddening enough, but their tunnels also undermine the lawn's surface, and moles can disturb roots of young plants as they move around. To get rid of this kind of annoying garden or lawn's destroyer, we would do everything we can to solved mole problems.But mole controls aren't always very pleasant. For example, tablets containing aluminium phosphide are sometimes placed in mole tunnels where they turn into phosphine gas, poisoning the creatures.

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  • Electronic repellent of moles and insectivorous animals 500m2 ODKH


    It is mainly a mole – an insectivore. A newer finish from a stronger resoneuting sector. It is waterproof and therefore suitable for placement in the garden, parks, golf course and other any private and outdoor areas.
    It emits irregular long audible tones with irregularly long breaks that spread in the soil and thus does not disturb the man's stay in the garden. The device is completely eco-friendly because it does not use any chemicals.
    It uses only the sound frequency, which is unpleasant for moles - insectivores.

  • Knot and kemo mole repellent69-834, tint and scare 9V


    This waterproof module emits seismic oscillations at rapid intervals, which are widely emitted underground and are mostly very unpleasant with moles, rakes and other rodents. The module must be dug near their tunnels, operated by a cable with an operating voltage of 9V. One module will be enough to protect up to 1,000 sq m of garden.
    The scareism must be powered by an external 9V power supply, via the network adapter.
    It is therefore suitable for gardens, where you also have a mains power outlet. The 9V aC adapter must have a 3.5mm JACK end.