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  • Multifunctional pest control MIX, solar power 589-NiCd, new


    Serene Life Solar Power Animal Repeller provides a comfortable pest control. The system uses motion detection technology that triggers ultrasonic sound and light lightning that effectively repels unwanted animals. The built-in loudspeaker exudes a safe, frequency warning that will surprise the animals and prevent them from returning to the scene. It works on a daily or night time due to an infrared detection sensor. The built-in solar panel allows intelligent self-discharge in direct sunlight. Ideal for use in gardens, yards and flowering areas.

  • REPELLER TRANSONIC PRE792-032 in the readable band


    This powerful Transonic PRE792-032 working in the hearse zone repels mice, bats, spiders, chavers and tiny insects. The manufacturer states that the scareism is also effective for ants, but we do not have the scare tested in our conditions.

    Since the device also works in the readable band Frequency - 3-40 kHz ( you also hear unpleasant sounds if the volume is at medium or maximum amplification ), it is not advisable to place the device in the room where we are staying. We recommend that you connect the appliance via switching clock and switch the appliance on earlier in the morning and to dinner when they are injure scans. If the device is at the lowest volume or you won't see it much, if you don't rest with it.

  • Power ultrasonic rodent scare cheewn CZ-765 retuned


    General scare of all small pests, including spells, weasels, dogs.
    A versatile scaremonour of small pests near your house or in the garden.
    It drive away mice, flats, rats, squirrels, kuna, weasels, tchora and other pests.
    It emits refined, irregularly long, ultrasonic waves with irregularly long breaks.