Detektory RF poľa

Detektory RF poľa

Detektory RF poľa (RFD = Radio Frequency Detector)
VF a GSM detektory signálu, analyzátory signálov-detektory odpočúvacích zar. - ploštíc. 

Technika na vyhľadávanie signálu a analyzatory signálov - detektory odpočúvacích zariadení - ploštíc

Radio Frequency Detection Equipment
Transmitter detection is a tricky process. 

The bad guy has the entire radio frequency spectrum to choose from.  And has a whole host of different modulation techniques to use.  Modulation techniques control how the sound is transmitted.  Common ones include those you use every day:  Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM), Narrow Band FM, and others.  More exotic modulation types include single side band, subcarrier, spread spectrum, frequency hopping and various other digital types where the analog audio is converted into data. 


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