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High safety standard for shielding equipment from RF (radio frequency) and EMC


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High safety standard for shielding equipment from RF (radio frequency) and EMC (electromagnetic) radiation. Shielding envelopes guarantee 118 dB attenuation at 350 MHz as well as continuous 110/100/80 dB attenuation up to 18 GHz.

protects, for example, in cases of:

- SIM card position monitoring

it is a monitoring without any sign of your phone's activity, without excessive battery consumption

- tracking the location and content of the MT or Tablet

these are SW modified mobile phones, while the MT user may not have any idea about these activities

 use of MT for interception

these are e.g. o “dead” MT which records sound and sends via GSM or WiFi network

- Laptop content monitoring

it is a SW modified laptop, while its user may have no idea about these activities

- scanning of RFID technologies

this involves scanning and subsequent production of copies of contactless identification (RFID) identification devices such as a card for entering a car park, entering a building, offices, an alarm deactivation card, older models of electronic keys for motor vehicles,…

- saving technologies that cannot be deactivated

it is a preventive storage of technologies, for example, if after their deactivation it is not possible to select and separate the power source (battery - iPhone)

- temporary storage of various items

it is about storing risky objects and interrupting their possible communication with the environment. For example, pens, watches, USB keys, remote control,…

For more information, visit: www.rf-protection.com - EMC and RFI Shielding

Size: 20cm x 10cm


Radio & TV / RFID / TETRA / ISM434 / LTE800 / ISM868 / GSM900 / GSM1800 / GSM1900 / DECT / UMTS / WLAN / Microwave / Bluetooth / WiFi / LTE2.6 / WiMAX / 5GHz WLAN / PAR Radar / Various satellite applications / Monitoring and tracking devices

Put your phone in a non-radiable case and immediately prevent you from being intercepted via your GSM mobile phone.

We all know very well that it is possible to monitor your location via a mobile phone, but today it is no longer a problem, even after uploading certain program scripts) to listen to you even remotely, to spy on you. Avoid as much as possible. It's up to you.

Legal blocker - JAMMER GSM and GPS frequencies.

Also protect your personal documents, passport, ID card, driver's license or credit card against copying. You can read more in the article on copying passports at the URL: www.alibaba.sk.

Legal blocker - JAMMER GSM and GPS frequencies.

You put your mobile phone in the case and its signals will be trapped in the case. All calls to this mobile phone will be barred.

Protect your phone from unauthorized eavesdropping or tracking of your location.

Micro farada cage for your GSM mobile phone.

The case blocks all wireless signals such as GPS trackers, GSM trackers, 3G mobile phone trackers, mobile phone, etc. ..

Suitable for secret meetings, or only if you want to be sure that your phone does not ring suddenly, or just someone connects to it and listens to your surroundings or watch where you move.

Legal jammer, GSM signal blocker.

Can a cell phone endanger your health?

It can, even if it is not scientifically proven ... After all, it emits a certain HF radiation. Avoid it!

The pocket prevents complete HF radiation from your mobile phone.

If you do not want to answer a phone call, just put your mobile phone in the inner pocket. The outer pocket is not protected against RF blocking.

Our pocket also protects your data carrier from unauthorized data deletion.

Bank cards or your passport will now be completely safe from unauthorized deletion or even unauthorized reading of data from your ATM card.

The inner part of the bag is coated with nano-materials that completely absorb HF and magnetic radiation.

Attenuator with an intensity of up to 90 dB. Which is an efficiency of up to 99.9%.

Scope: mobile phones, GPS, digital cameras, memories and other portable electronic products and documents.

NEW - NEW on the European market: Do you need to cover your car against GSM or HF radiation? Does your neighbor irradiate you with a microwave oven? We also have JAMMER tarpaulins for you, which will also cover your car ...

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High safety standard for shielding equipment from RF (radio frequency) and EMC

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